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The Low Carb Cookbook

The Low Carb Cookbook

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The Low Carb Cookbook: Over 200 Recipes to Start and Sustain Better Health.

It's the only low carb cookbook you'll ever need:

  • Explore 208 recipes across 10 meal types and categories
  • Easy-to-follow instructions and tips
  • Practical food lists and swap ideas

Explore the recipes that have helped hundreds of thousands of people see real results from real food, low carb approach - including sustainable weight loss and maintenance, improved blood glucose control, reduced medication, type 2 diabetes remission, and improvements in mental health. The Low Carb Cookbook helps you navigate the low carb lifestyle with confidence and ease.

Packed with 208 tried-and-test recipes from around the world, you'll have all you need to make low carb a sustainable way of life. A lifestyle, if you will. We'll show you how to make everything from Eggs Benedict, Pizza, Cloud Bread and Toad in the Hole, to Chocolate Truffles, Vanilla Pancakes and Strawberry Cheesecake. 

Whether you are keto or low carb, eat meat or are a vegatarian, this 496 page recipe book is your comprehensive guide to the low carb lifestyle. Each recipe comes with grams per serving to make healthy eating simple and fuss-free.

Low Carb Program has helped hundreds of thousands of people across the world to improve their blood glucose levels, sustainably lose weight, reduce medication dependency and achieve type 2 diabetes remission - just think what you could achieve.

The Low Carb Cookbook was developed by the award-winning Low Carb Program Team: Michaela de la Fosse, Suki Zayer, Katie Chuter, Amandeep Bains, Samantha Bigagane and Charlotte Summers. The award-winning Nutrition Team behind the Low Carb Program share how to enjoy a low-carb (not no-carb!) way of eating using easy-to-source ingredients that don’t cost the earth, and will leave you full without making you fat.

Low Carb Program is an NHS-approved app for type 2 diabetes, prediabetes and obesity used by over 440,000 people across the world, demonstrating metabolic health conditions such as type 2 diabetes do not have to be chronic and progressive. People with type 2 diabetes who complete the program sustainably lose 7% of their starting body weight, 4 in 10 participants eliminate at least one medication and 1 in 4 people achieve type 2 diabetes remission.

Everyone is different, but adopting a low carb lifestyle can have significant benefits to your health.

Product details:

  • Softback: 496 pages
  • Publisher: Low Carb Program (February 2021)
  • Language: English
  • Product size: 19.3 x 2 x 28.2 cm

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Fiona Sims
    Love it

    So many delicious recipes easily adaptable for meat eaters and vegetarians alike. Worth every penny!

    gary talbot
    The low carb cookbook

    Excellent book love the colour photos that go with every recipe . you see first hand what the recipe look’s like when served.👍

    Ann Pocklington
    Good value, great book

    My first reaction to the advert for this book was that it was a bit expensive - but I needed guidance and inspiration so I treated myself to it. What a good move!

    The introduction is essential reading. Key terms are explained, bang up to date, and each section is summarised. Useful lists are charmingly illustrated - thank you Lizzie Gilbert, and the recipes are accompanied by excellent photographs - thank you Amandeep Bains. The whole substantial volume is visually appealing - thank you Samantha Moir.

    The whole point though is the recipes. Suki Zayer has come up with a treasure trove. Some are old favourites but adapted for low carb, like pancakes and muffins. Others were completely new to me and made me want to experiment, like those based on edamame beans and quinoa.

    Round the world dishes, desserts, drinks, just as I was starting to feel just a bit overwhelmed (in a good way!) I reached the lifeline of the meal plans and shopping list and set off for the supermarket. Everything I've tried so far I have enjoyed cooking and eating, and I know this is going to make my new lifestyle to tackle type 2 diabetes so much easier and more pleasant than I feared.

    Enjoying every recipe 😋

    I have been a member of the Low Carb Program for a few weeks and although I am enjoying that and have printed the meal plans, there is nothing like a good old book! Took the plunge on the book and have to say I'm very impressed. Having photos with each recipe is definitely a help given that some of the low carb flours turn to dust! My husband didn't realise I had bought this book already and so I ended up with 2 books. Was going to send it back for a refund but gave it to my sister in law who has lost 4 lbs in her first week of using the book.