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Low Carb Bundle - Kickstarter, Bread Cookbook & 12 Week Meal Plan

Low Carb Bundle - Kickstarter, Bread Cookbook & 12 Week Meal Plan

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Introduce yourself to the low carb lifestyle with the Low Carb Bundle and save £££! We're only providing 500 bundles so get yours whilst the offer lasts.

Low Carb Kickstarter - Your Complete Guide to the Low Carb Diet for Beginners

The Low Carb Kickstarter - Your Complete Guide to the Low Carb Diet for Beginners is a 102-page book to guide and assist you on your new way of eating.

The Low Carb Program Kickstarter is an official Low Carb Program softback book that can be used alone or alongside the Low Carb Program.


Browse over 102 pages to help you get started and sustain your low carb way of eating:

  • How to get started on the Low Carb Program
  • Where to start
  • Understanding the basics of low carb
  • Benefits of low carb
  • The Plate method
  • Food lists
  • Waist-to-hip ratio
  • How to use selfies
  • Goal Setting
  • Tips for hydration, sleep, exercise, mindful eating and stress
  • Low carb snacks
  • Top low carb swaps
  • Easy ways to spot sugar
  • Tips for eating low carb on a budget
  • How to add more healthy fat into your diet
  • Walking plan

The updated Kickstarter also includes 45 recipes and a 7 Day Meal Plan:

  • 15 breakfast recipes
  • 15 main meal recipes
  • 15 dessert recipes to treat yourself with
  • A new, updated 7 Day Meal Plan that uses different recipes for each meal
  • All recipes come with suggestions and tips so you can adapt them to your dietary preference - whether you eat meat, are a vegetarian or are a vegan.

The Low Carb Kickstarter has everything you need to go low carb - and stick to it. 

WHAT IS THE LOW CARB PROGRAM? The Low Carb Program is the award-winning, evidence-based education program and lifestyle companion developed with the feedback of 100,000 people with type 2 diabetes and prediabetes. As featured in the Daily Mail, Sky News, The Times, BBC, ITV, The Telegraph, Men's Health and The Sunday Times. 

Take control of your blood glucose with the Low Carb Program. Benefits of a low-carb diet include lower blood glucose levels, less dependence on medication and improved cholesterol levels. Use the Low Carb Program app to learn how to low carb, browse thousands of recipes and meal plans, track your progress, stay up to date and find support in a community of over 440,000 people from 190 countries.

Let Louise walk you through a Program of achievable, sustainable lifestyle changes that can improve your health. Over 1,800,000 kilograms of weight lost and counting!

LEARN LOW CARB: Learn the ins and outs of a low carb lifestyle and how it helps manage type 2 diabetes and reduce risks of complications.

APPLY LOW CARB: Action Points at the end of lessons so you know exactly how to progress.

BEHAVIOUR CHANGE SUPPORT: Find support and motivation from Behaviour Change Mentors along your way. Ask your low carb questions to a peer support community of over 430,000 people.

SUSTAIN LOW CARB: Explore a library of over 1,300 regularly updated recipes and meal plans to not only get you started, but keep you going.

MAKE LOW CARB A LIFESTYLE: Lifestyle keeps you up to date with the latest low carb news, interviews, recipes, meal plans, research and success stories. A constantly evolving, ever expanding, online magazine, Lifestyle is updated every day and offers you something new every time you check back.

IN YOUR OWN TIME: Real change requires practice. It's up to you to apply what you learn in the Low Carb Program. It’s all about small steps, in your own time.

AI LED: Everything you see and experience is personalised to you; right down to your food likes, food dislikes, allergies, other conditions, culture and budget. We're constantly learning from the footprints of over 440,000 members... we call it health intelligence.

You have the support of 440,000 people on their own low carb journey at your fingertips. People like Mark who lost 50kg, and Stella who lost 35kg. The low carb community share stories and ask questions; a network of 440,000 people, all pooling their knowledge and experience to help you get on the right track.

Low Carb Bread Cookbook: 23 Tasty and Easy Low Carb Breads

Never miss bread again with the Low Carb Bread Cookbook: 23 Tasty and Easy Low Carb Breads - your comprehensive guide to low carb breads. 

Explore this comprehensive guide to low carb bread, low carb flour alternatives and choose from 23 tried-and-tested bread recipes. Enjoy everything from the classic farmhouse load to low carb eggy break, flatbread, cloud bread, tortilla and even low carb naan bread.

Discover alternatives to your favourite bread-based recipes that have helped thousands of people see real results from a low carb lifestyle - including sustainable weight loss, improved blood glucose control, reduced medication, type 2 diabetes remission and improvements in mental health.

Each recipe in this 53-page official Low Carb Program breads cookbook has a photo and step-by-step instructions.

Quick and easy low carb bread recipes the whole family will enjoy. Perfect for those who follow a low carb or ketogenic lifestyle.

Key information

  • Pages: 53 pages
  • Published: July 2021
  • ISBN: 5060496591333

12 Week Meal Plan: Live Well With 90 Days of Low Carb Recipes

12 Week Meal Plan: Live Well With 90 Days of Low Carb Recipes is a 195 page meal plan that provides 3 months' worth of recipes. As used in Low Carb Program.

This book is designed as a physical book/companion alongside the education and support received within the Low Carb Program. The book is wire bound and perfect for the kitchen. 


People following this meal plan have demonstrated sustainable weight loss, improved blood glucose control, reduction in medications, and achievements such as remission of type 2 diabetes and prediabetes.

Tailored to your eating preferences, choose the 12 Week Meal Plan to match your diet:

  • Standard (meat)
  • Vegetarian

Meal plans include tips on where to get nutrients and vitamins.


Discover over 167 delicious recipes including the classics you need (pizza, burgers, bread) in the 2021 edition of the 12 Week Meal Plan.


People following these meal plans have achieved significant success. Learn the principles of healthy, low carb eating and make it your way of eating.


People who followed the 12 Week Meal Plan have sustainably lost weight, improved blood glucose control, reduced and eliminated medications and achieved type 2 diabetes remission. What could you achieve?

12 Week Meal Plan: Live Well with 90 Days of Low Carb Recipes is the official meal plan guidance provided to users who join the award-winning Low Carb Program.  Team: Michaela de la Fosse, Suki Zayer, Katie Chuter, Amandeep Bains, Samantha Bigagane and Charlotte Summers. Low Carb Program is an NHS-approved app for type 2 diabetes, prediabetes and obesity used by over 450,000 people across the world, demonstrating metabolic health conditions such as type 2 diabetes do not have to be chronic and progressive. People with type 2 diabetes who complete the program sustainably lose 7% of their starting body weight, 4 in 10 participants eliminate at least one medication and 1 in 4 people achieve type 2 diabetes remission. 

All recipes can be added to the Low Carb Program Food Diary.

*A note on reversal/remission: To say type 2 diabetes can be reversed is not technically true. Yes, type 2 diabetes diagnosis can, in some cases, be withdrawn as the result of reducing body weight and/or HbA1c. However, type 2 diabetes can not be 'reversed' in the literal sense. If type 2 diabetes is placed into remission through carbohydrate restriction, old habits such as eating a higher-carbohydrate diet could cause type 2 diabetes diagnosis to be reinstated. Therefore the true term for this is remission. (Regardless of the term, how refreshing is it to be talking about hope for a condition once considered to be chronic and progressive!)

Product details:

  • Hardcover: 195 pages
  • Publisher: Low Carb Program (2021)
  • Language: English
  • Product size: 19.3 x 2 x 28.2 cm

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