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Dr Anders Podiatrist

Dr Anders - Conditioning Nail Treatment

Dr Anders - Conditioning Nail Treatment

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This rich and deeply nourishing treatment gently and safely softens hard, thick or brittle nails, improves their appearance and makes them easier to cut and manage. It is quickly absorbed to strengthen the nails, condition and improve brittleness.

Regular use will improve the appearance of the nails reduce the thickness and make them softer and easier to manage.

Dr Anders Conditioning Nail Treatment contains sodium thiosulphate which helps combat hardness, dermosoft® decalact – a natural antimicrobial ingredient which improves the appearance of the nails and a blend of castor, grapeseed and sunflower oil to condition and improve brittleness.

Softens nails

  • Makes thick hard toenails easier to cut
  • Reduces discomfort associated with having thick hard toenails
  • Helps prevent ingrowing toenails

Formulated to treat the nails in 4 key ways

  • Antimicrobial action of Dermosoft® decalact improves appearance and protects against infection
  • Humectant action of glycerin rehydrates the nail by attracting and holding in water
  • Natural oils soften and nourish the nails
  • Sodium thiosulphate breaks down hard the keratin bonds in the nail to reduce thickness

Tube and brush applicator system

  • Easy and convenient to use and easy to apply evenly to the nail


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